Shark Skin Tweezers“SAMEHADA SESSI”

The shark skin processing
on the tip and handle enables precise,
accurate gripping operations on soft tissues.

Merits of Shark Skin Processing

  • ● Enables precise, accurate operations on tissues of lungs, intestinal tracts, membranes, and vascular sheaths.
  • ● Prevents degrading of operational performance resulting from bloodstains on the tip.
  • ● Retains operational performance when surgical gloves are on.
  • ● The weight is engineered with long surgeries in mind and is ide al in such situations.

This product was created through the“ Ikou No Kizuna”“( Medical-engineering collaboration”) ,
a training course for hybrid medical professionals. (Patent No. 6310051)

※This is not comply with European and U.S. Legislation.


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