As the core business of the Forest Group, ASTEM, Inc. offers medical products, including ethical drugs, medical devices, medical supplies, and diagnostic reagents, as well as information systems and services.

With the shrinking population in Japan, there is an expectation that the medical and nursing industry will shift from a model focused on the treatment of diseases to a more efficient model focused on disease prevention and health promotion, which will contribute to the “extension of the health span.”

Under these circumstances, a new wave of technology called “Health Tech” emerged, leading to a historic turning point in the healthcare field. In the near future, a series of digital industrial revolutions are expected, deriving from not only IoT, AI, and robotics, but also cutting-edge medical studies for regenerative medicine and gene editing, long-term disease management using wearable testing devices, telemedicine, and patient compliance instruction through telecommunications.

By developing an internal qualification examination for our sales representatives called MCs (Medical Communicators) covering diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions, we encourage each of our employees to regularly learn the latest knowledge and continue the evolution of our business by introducing leading edge logistic and information systems that meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated healthcare services, striving to “solve people’s health-related ‘problems,’” which is a theme included in our management philosophy.

We aim to be a “comprehensive medical wholesaler”*. Our employees trained in the treatment of diseases and ideal practices propose the necessary medical information and therapeutic approaches. In addition, they support the community-based integrated care system, serving as a bridge between healthcare providers including doctors’ and pharmacists’ organizations and local governments and payers. Shifting from “sales of products to sales of services,” we aim to provide fair medical practices in demanded in society, beyond products, as an ideal comprehensive medical wholesaler.

“Think locally, Act globally”--ASTEM continues “creation and innovation” today and tomorrow to activate local communities and Japan from the field.

Tsuguo Yoshimura, President

*Comprehensive medical wholesaler:
A company that not only delivers products to medical institutions and pharmacies, but also proposes a broad range of medical information and therapeutic procedures.



Founded in 1879, ASTEM, Inc. is one of Japan’s leading general medical trading companies offering a broad range of medical products, including ethical drugs, medical devices, and diagnostic reagents, as well as information systems and services.
ASTEM’s strength is the sales and distribution network for delivering both drugs and medical devices.
We supply products from many pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers to local medical institutions, by owning 70 sales offices, three logistics centers (two for drugs and one for medical supplies), and 85 depots (64 for drugs and 21 for medical supplies), primarily in West Japan. By operating HEREON Inc. together with other eight companies, we cover all of Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.
With our exclusive qualification examination, our employees trained in the treatment of diseases provide the necessary medical information and systems to medical institutions. As a company rooted in the community and as a company offering life-related products that should benefit society, ASTEM’s mission is to become a “comprehensive medical wholesaler*” by deeply engaging in community care and contributing to people’s health, which is the core of our business.



(As of March 31, 2020)

Company Name ASTEM, Inc.
Established July 1, 1879
Incorporated May 27, 1948
Capital \3.35B ($31.2M)
Representative Tsuguo Yoshimura, President
Address of Headquarter

Higashihie Business Center, 3-1-2, Higashihie, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka,

812-0007, Japan

【Registered Headquarters】
2-3-8, Nishi-Oomichi, Oita city, Oita, 870-8602, Japan

Revenue as of FY 2019

¥381B ($3.5B)

Number of Employees 1,605
Main Bank Oita Bank, Fukuoka Bank
Business Description Drug Wholesaling, Medical Device Dealing, Clinical Laboratory Testing, etc.
Products Offered Ethical drugs, Medical equipment, Medical device, Sanitary materials, Medical diagnosis equipment, Science equipment, Radiation equipment, Rehabilitation equipment, Pharmaceutical equipment, Disposable products in general, Medical computers, Inspection reagents, Inspection equipment, Nursing care equipment, Other medical related equipment, etc.
Main Customer Government hospital, Hospital, Clinic, Pharmacy, Welfare facility, etc.
Major Manufacturers Please see the document attached.


It is our mission to consistently improve ourselves, test our values, and gain knowledge. By continuing to advance our business through creativity and innovation, our contributions to the health of society are fueled by our passion to overcome whatever comes our way.

Our base philosophy is to eliminate the "un's" and "in's" of the practice.
We take words like unsure, undecided, unsatisfied, insufficient, inconvenience and rid the negative to make a positive change in people's lives.
From the time of our establishment, we have always put the customer first. As we stated in our company statute in 2009, our fundamental philosophy is to always strive to create a long-lasting impact in the lives of each person.




Founded "Oishi Yakuho" in Kurume.
1948 Partner company Yoshimura Pharmacy reorganized into "Yoshimura Masuji Store Co., Ltd."
1956 Yoshimura Masuji Store Co., Ltd. established "Oita Medical Device Co., Ltd."
1956 Yoshimura Masuji Store Co., Ltd. changed name to "Yoshimura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."
1967 Yoshimura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Miyazaki Yoshimura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yanai isshindo Co., Ltd. and Yoshimatsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., integrated the miscellaneous goods department and establish "Daiya Co., Ltd."
1972 Oita Medical Device Co., Ltd. changed name to "Yoshimura Medical Device Co., Ltd."
1978 Koe Kokura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. changed name to "Koyaku Co., Ltd."
1992 Yoshimura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Miyazaki Yoshimura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yanai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Yoshimatsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. merged, and established "Daico Co., Ltd."
1994 Koyaku Co., Ltd., Oishi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shinko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. merged, and established "Kyoei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."
1998 Daico Co., Ltd., Kyoei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sun Mec Co., Ltd., and Komac Co., Ltd. merged, and newly established "ASTEM, Inc."
2000 Kyushu LIS Center completed (Tosu City, Saga Prefecture).
2005 Joint operation company "HEREON Inc." established. HOKUYAKU Inc. (Hokkaido Prefecture), VITAL-NET, Inc. (Miyagi Prefecture), Nabelin Co., Ltd. (Nagano Prefecture), TOHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. (Tokyo Prefecture), IWABUCHI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Chiba Prefecture), NAKAKITA YAKUHIN CO., LTD. (Aichi Prefecture), KSK CO., LTD. (Osaka Prefecture), SAYWELL CO., LTD. (Hiroshima Prefecture), and ASTEM, Inc.
2008 Established a pure holding company "Forest Holdings, Inc.".
2012 ASTEM OWL Center completed (Tosu City, Saga Prefecture).
2014 Kirishima LIS Center completed (Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture).
2015 ASTEM, Inc. made DAICO OKINAWA Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary.
2016 ASTEM, Inc. made West Japan Generic Inc. a subsidiary.

Forest Holdings Co., Ltd., HOKUYAKU TAKEYAMA Holdings, Inc. and VITAL KSK HOLDINGS, INC. jointly established a new company "REED SPECIALITIES, INC."


Astem, Inc. established "Bridge Inc." as a joint investment with DATA HORIZON CO., LTD.



We are looking for a broad range of excellent healthcare technologies and products!