Everything should be viewed from patients’perspective

ASTEM is a general medical trading company offering medical products, including drugs for medical treatment and medical devices, as well as information systems and services.
We provide a broad range of products from aspects from prevention to nursing in patients’ journeys.

sales function

Flow of sales activities and information provision

We sell ethical drugs, medical devices, etc. and offer information to medical institutions and pharmacies. We provide correct information about products offered by many manufacturers. Our role is to fairly assess drugs and medical devices to help our customers select products suitable for their needs and provide medical information.


Grow high quality sales representatives

MC:Medical Communicator
Internal qualification examination
To facilitate sophisticated communication‘with healthcare providers about product efficacy, safety, etc., we have introduced our exclusive qualification examination for our sales representatives called MCs (Medical Communicators) comprised of three areas, namely the medical system, scientific information, and management, for which all of our personnel regularly study to acquire knowledge.
In addition, over 15 in-house pharmacists support promotion activities of our sales representatives every day.

Introduction of specialty teams

We meet the needs of the medical field that demands sophisticated expertise and techniques

ASTEM has established specialty teams to meet increasingly sophisticated healthcare needs.


Cardiovascular Team

Provides information suitable for a clinical setting

Its core expertise is about the treatment of ischemic heart disease and arrhythmia, and the team specializes not only in vasodilating balloons and stents, pacemakers, defibrillators, but also tools for emergency operations.
The team makes daily efforts for gathering information and training members to provide high quality and latest information. Certified by the Japanese Heart Rhythm Society as representatives for providing information regarding medical devices such as heart pacemakers and implanted defibrillators, and known as Cardiac Device Representatives (CDRs), members with specialized knowledge support clinical staff to ensure the safe use of products.


Endoscope Team

From establishing new endoscopic rooms to supporting daily screenings and treatments

Due to the rapid development of endoscopes in recent years, diagnostic and therapeutic measures keep on evolving, for the early detection of micro-lesions including cancer. With low invasiveness, endoscopes are now widely used in many fields, and endoscopic examinations in Japan are among the best in the world.
To always provide and propose the latest information, members actively participate in academic conferences and workshops, to refine their expertise constantly. Because of their full product knowledge, they can provide adequate advice for a particular clinical case or establishment of a new endoscopic room.


Extracorporeal Circulation / Repair Service Center

Covers a broad range of dialysis facilities

This team sells and maintains instruments used for dialysis (blood and peritoneal dialysis) and acute blood purification therapy, in addition to consumables. It provides comprehensive services, from designing a dialysis room, to installing dialysis devices in support for opening a new dialysis room, as well as their maintenance management and repair.
Responding to emergencies 24/7 365 days a year, the team’s mission is to provide confidence to medical institutions and patients.


Diagnostic Support

High precision screening and diagnosis are essential for early detection of a disease and prevention of aggravation.

Our diagnostic team’s primary duty is to provide testing devices and reagents to enable accurate and rapid screenings and diagnosis. Today, we can identify our “body constitution” or “probability to develop a disease” from a single drop of blood, saliva, or urine, due to technological innovations around health-related screening and diagnosis. Acquiring daily advancing knowledge on genetic, pathological and immunological examination technologies, they offer information and proposals integrating diagnosis and treatment, in collaboration with Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Departments.



“Eye” diseases are always present

Its primary duty is to provide a variety of testing devices used for outpatient care and in surgery.
They serve a broad range of customers from clinics to hospitals.
Sensitively responding to medical needs, they are growing into a team that is in demand, as they can promptly provide treatment technologies and newly developed devices.
We spare no effort every day to help our people grow.



Orthopedic specialists

Our orthopedic team’s primary duty is to provide implants (biomaterials to be implanted in the human body) to be used for patients on which the surgery is performed.
To facilitate the optimal treatment for patients, the team organizes an in-depth advance meeting with orthopedists and a lecture for surgical staff on how to use our surgical instruments, and through supplying specialized products and devices, our dedicated staff with professional knowledge fully support healthcare providers to achieve “better medical care.”


Techno Center

”A professional team for repairing medical devices”
Our maintenance team offers preliminary repair services.

The team rapidly inspects and repairs precious medical devices, such as infusion pumps, syringe pumps, or endoscopes, submitted by medical institutions.
They not only acquire licenses for repairing medical devices sold by our company, but also take manufacturer’s training for each device and regularly hold internal study sessions to further increase knowledge about devices.


Healthcare Function Designing (support for extension or reconstruction of a medical institution)

Proposes medical devices upon refurbishment or the new opening of a medical institution

Our sales staff experienced in selling medical facilities and devices for 30 years develop an architectural draft (layout, floor plan, and three-dimensional plan) and offer consulting and advice to hospital staff and a design office.
Using 3D CAD to provide a plan to give visual understanding of flow lines, they help eliminate the gap in spatial perception between a plan and the actual facilities.


Regenerative Medicine

Activities to make regenerative medicine “familiar and available to everyone”

With iPS cells and other technologies, “regenerative medicine” attracts high levels of expectation. It attracts interest as an effective treatment for hard to cure diseases. Regenerative medicine seeks to transplant the patient’s own cells and tissues cultured and processed outside their body, to restore the functions of an organ or tissue damaged by disease or injury, and many clinical studies and treatments are conducted in this field.
To make regenerative medicine “familiar and available to everyone” and be the first to provide it, ASTEM totally supports clinical staff for treatments using somatic stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. In addition, the team organizes workshops through a nationwide organization, to build a network with healthcare providers.

Considering medical needs suitable for the change of disease structure, our “Cancer MCs” and “Blood Vessel MCs” are engaged in activities specialized in pathological conditions of cancers and cardiac failure and diabetes.



Today, one in two people develops cancer

This team supports healthcare providers who are taking the task of cancer care.
Because we are a pharmaceutical wholesaler, we can obtain varied information on not only screening/diagnosing devices, but also surgery, radiotherapy, and drug therapies. By leveraging such information, the team supports medical professionals to promote self-contained medical collaboration within a local community.

Activities with a special focus on cancer
“Interdisciplinary provision of information regarding medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies used for cancer care”
“Prevention of opportunity loss in cancer care”
“Support for the proper use of cancer drug therapies, considering their efficacy and side effects”
“Support for collaboration for cancer care”


Blood Vessels

Cardiac failure pandemic expected in the near future

This team is working together with healthcare providers to prevent the aggravation of cardiovascular diseases, with an eye toward a potential overload of “acute cardiovascular care” expected to peak by 2035.

Activities with a special focus on diabetes and cardiac failure
“Prevention of the aggravation of diabetes and cardiac failure”
“Support for treatment of diseases that increase the risks of cardiac failure”
“Interdisciplinary provision of information regarding medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies for cardiac failure”
“Support for inhibition of the recurrence of chronic cardiac failure”
“Support for medical collaboration for care related to acute/chronic cardiac failure and palliative care related to cardiac failure”

活動事例紹介(がん MC)

Introduction of actual activities (cancer MCs)

In 2011, before other pharmaceutical wholesalers in Japan, we introduced “Cancer MCs” to form an organization with high expertise, specializing in oncology which offers complex treatment options.
The team provides interdisciplinary information about cancer-related medical devices and drug therapies to healthcare providers and supports the proper use of drug therapies considering their efficacy and side effects. The team also supports medical collaboration in the oncology field.
Because therapies are complex and many different kinds of anti-cancer drugs are available, the team has supplied information about efficacy and side effects to pharmacists and organized many study sessions regarding effective patient compliance instructions.


We are looking for a broad range of excellent healthcare technologies and products!